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My company  started a newspaper and website in 1995 which promoted the Texas Film Industry. The newspaper was called Direct to Hollywood and I produced two issues. But I also had a website, originally called Direct to Hollywood Online. Later I was able to get the domain of and at that point I changed the name to Hollywood and Vine and I maintained the site until July, 1999. At that time I was getting 73,000 hits a month and that was a lot of hits for that period on the internet. 

I've regretted shutting that site down. I just didn't know how to make money out of it and I couldn't afford the site.

This year I purchased Direct 2 Hollywood and I will be producing the site in 2008. I recently purchased Hollywood-Vine.CO and I directed it to this site. So now I'm just missing the "M".

Back in 1995, I met actor John Schneider of Dukes of Hazzard fame. He was producing a tv show in San Antonio that never got off the ground. He and his wife owned a production
med Faithworks Production. I was able to host his first web page on Hollywood & Vine. And our company had a Christmas Party in Boerne, TX in December of 1995 and John and his wife were our special guest.

Double click on the Photo Album below to see a slide show:

We have a new forum, sharing it with San Antonio Theatres: Now and Then,
Movie-Theatre Forum

See the Motion Picture Premier of "From Mexico with Love", filmed in San Antonio, Texas and premiered at the Palladium in San Antonio on Tuesday, September 29, 2009.

I was walking the streets of Archer City, TX in 1993 returning home from a wedding I attended. This is the location of "The Last Picture Show", 1971, starrin
g Jeff Bridges, Timothy Bottoms, Ben Johnson, Cloris Leachman, Cybil Shepherd, Randy Quaid, Sam Bottoms and directed by Peter Bogdanovich. Just click on the Photo Album labeled "Archer City" to see a slide show.

Movie set of Giant, filmed on a ranch outside of Marfa, TX. The movie starred Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson and
James Dean, who died before the movie was released. The movie was released in 1956. I took the pictures in December of 1995 and was going to use them in my third issue. The movie set, crumbling, was the frame work for the front of the house in the movie. The pictures across the highway were where Jett had his small spread and discovered oil. The coral is still there where Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean had a great scene together. Just double click the Photo Album, "West Texas", to get a slide show.

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